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Save All The Robots

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This game involves to save all the robots from the inventory, placing them in the squares of the grid which are not threatened by the enemies before the time runs out.

The are two ways to place the robots:

1. Select a robot type and then place it by clicking on the squares that you want to place the robots.

2. Drag a robot from the inventory and then drop it on the square of the grid that you want to place it.

When all the robots are placed on the squares, click the green button to stop the time and get more score for the level.

Try to take as little time as possible to get the highest score.

Your first enemy is the Simple Punch. Just attack the square to which it points!

Place the robots so that they are not attacked by fists!

With all you've learned so far, you are ready to save all the robots.

When new robots and enemies are unlocked, all their details and characteristics will be explained...

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